Everything you need to know about injection molding


As a result of advancements in molding machines and plastic mold manufacturing machinery, there are going to be a trend to create both larger and smaller sized molds.

injection molding machines suppliers are developing bigger machines to accommodate goods designs that were not possible before because of

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molding-machine dimension restrictions. Products for example, automobile fenders and wrap-around bumpers will be made on molding machines that are the dimensions of small houses. The more this is done, the even more it will push producers to build larger sized and bigger machines. Naturally, each and every machine needs to have a plastic mould. So the injection molds will be built larger and larger to fit product design needs.

Alternatively, innovations in products and developing systems have resulted in the manufacturing of small components that formerly were not prospects for injection molding. Products such as miniature electronic connections and small medical pipes are now being certainly designed. The tolerance demands and tiny dimension of these particular units require very precise, advanced injection molding machines; these are being built now in sizes that will suit on the top of an ordinary desk. The injection molding machine tool manufacturers are trying to develop even smaller molding machines as the need increases. So, the plastic mold for these kinds of molding machines are also smaller and smaller. There are injection molds now that can suit the palm of a human hand, and the trend is towards even smaller molds to suit near future goods needs.

injection molding Lead Times

Lead time is specified as the total amount of time demanded to acquire a product, from order to end up goods. To put it simply, the lead time for an injection mold extends from the moment an order is gotten by the plastic mold maker to the moment the mold is supplied to the company purchasing the mold. A common lead time today extends from 10 to 20 weeks for an ordinary injection molds. (This does not consist of time to debug the injection mold issues or try it out in a production environment.).

A lead time of seven to 16 weeks may not seem like much to people who have been in the business a while. Actually, it is a great improvement over what dominated before. In earlier times, the lead time may have been 30 weeks or more. However, in today’s challenging environment, lead times are important because they dictate when a goods can get to its market. The earlier the product could be presented, the faster it can begin bringing in gains, and the faster the firm can begin spending those revenues in new item development.

There are numerous ways to lessen lead times, and many are being pursued today. Specific of these promise to bring lead times down to unheard-of numbers:.

Computer-generated data. Computer systems permit moldmakers and product designers to work closely together even when they live in different capitals, states, or places. As computer systems become faster and more powerful, and as computer programs become more versatile, goods designs may be developed and checked faster, and the same data can be.

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used to develop the plastic molds. Actually, these types of points may be done as parallel efforts so the injection mould can be set up before the product design is even ended up.

injection mold materials. The typical technique has been to use high-grade tool steels to develop the cavities of the injection mould, overmolding, or insert mold. However, new metal alloys and update to current alloys are allowing molds to be built faster and weigh less. One alloy material that will be used widely is aluminum. Aluminum is now used largely for prototype molds, but advances in the component alloys and acceptance by China injection mold manufacturers has made it possible to use aluminum alloy in lots of production injection mold cases. Beryllium copper material, brass, soft steels, and even plastics such as epoxies are being made use of increasingly more in an initiative to reduce lead times for creating plastic injection and thus get products into the marketplace faster.

The use of these kinds of alloys and new computer devices and programs can drastically decrease lead times. Sometimes, lead times have been decreased from the average 12 to 16 weeks to merely ten days. And the technology will soon be readily available to carry it down to only a few hours.


Advances in plastics fabrics have been profound. In 1995, there were approximately 18,000 different plastics resin readily available for molding. These are boosting at an average rate of 750 per year. Most of available materials are alloys or blends of previously established materials, and a goods designer will probably have the ability to pick from them a resin that supplies specifically the right properties for a details need. Again, computers come into play since the designer can not potentially check out the property values of all those materials in a practical amount of time. The computer can do it in a few minutes and will certainly list the materials that meet whatever criteria the designer demands. Then the designer can choose from just a couple of resins as opposed to 18,000. But even if an exact resin match does not exist, the part designer will have the ability to call on a compounder to create a plastic material that does exactly suit the requirements. Naturally, that adds an additional resin to the list of 18,000, and that’s how the list evolved in the first place.


Reusing will remain to be a significant issue in the future, as it is today. Customer acceptance of goods made of recycled plastics will enhance, making it more profitable for manufacturers to develop such products. Technological advances will make it easy to separate discarded plastic products so they may be properly recycled. Advances in machinery and material.

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additives will allow mingled plastics (that can not be separated) to be used in products such as parking lot bumpers, picnic tables/benches, and water-sport products such as boating docks. Some of these products are available today, but with future advances, they can be sold at more competitive prices, and their availability and use will grow. Products will be designed with recycling in mind so they may be easily dismantled and identified for material content.

Mold Manufacturer China

We’re a professional Mold Manufacturer China, established in 2004, we have been striving to study, develop, plastic mold and plastic machinery industrial. Up to now, we have around 150 skilled workers, 40 engineers.

In the mold designing course, some 2D or 3D software (such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Pro-E and so on) applied for assisting in designing, pre-making etc. Before mold is put into physical making, the MoldFlow software will be adopted to analyze such course to make sure if it is rational and workable. In the making course, there is a set of making method< system design, individual making, concentrate assembling, scientific managing> to help us improving plastic mold quantity and service life. Up to now, we have created some plastic molds whose cycle time are over 3,000,000 shorts..

Our machine and plastic molds have been sold to U.S.A. Canada, German, Italy , Lithuanian, Malaysia , Iran, Indonesia , Africa and so on. Meanwhile, we have established good business cooperation with many overseas companies. Look into the future, we will be at the principle of scientific designing, wonderful making technical, accurately assembling’ to continuously improve our mold structure, machine technical, mold material and hot process technical and so on. Making the best products, achieve the best benefit for our client’ is our top aim.

Our company supply design and manufacturing of plastic injection mold, die casting mold, plastic molding service We also could provide OEM service for clients.

1, Plastic molds

We supply design and manufacture of various plastic molds for you, Such as bottle blow mold, closure mold, preform mold,etc.

2, Plastic Machinery

Our company not only supply the molds and machine, also provide whole production line for you.

3. OEM service

4, Mold Design

Our company adopts CAD/CAM/CAE system to ensure effective control, evaluate and machining of product design in the whole process of mold development.


Our company adopt soft of MOLDFLOW to do injection simulate flow analyzing , educe the optimum project reduce the unplanned of design, greatly shorten manufacture cycle of mold design.

Mold manufacturer china
Mold manufacturer china

CAD 3D Our company uses 3D software to design products and separate mold structure, establish and transfer relevant accessory, form the total picture, and separate the accessory according to the conditions of machining. 


Why choose us?

>>Project Management 
Your project is handled in as follows: 
1. Complete project management handled by designated engineers. 
2. Tool specifications completed in conjunction with customer requirements. 
3. Moldflow available if required. 
4. Tool GA Drawings provided for customer review and approval. 
5. Manufacturing schedules provided regularly with digital photographs to show tool progress. 

>>Design & Manufacture 
Tool Design and Quality 
1. Design – All tool design is done using 3D CAD design tools, mainly Unigraphics and Pro-Engineer. We can receive IGES, STEP, CATIA drawing files. 
2. Specifying the tool – Tool specifications are agreed with the customer from the outset of the project. 
3. Requirements – Press size, runners, gate position etc. Customer requirements are recorded and detailed to the designer before design begins. 
4. Confirmation – The initial mold GA drawing is emailed to the customer in the first 7 days. A meeting is held to discuss general construction. The final GA is sent to the customer within 7 days for final approval. 
5. Materials – All steels can be supplied with certificates of chemical composition and hardness 
6. Fittings – Thread sizes, water fittings, hydraulics and hot runners could be supplied with the tools according to client’s requirements. Runner systems from Synventive, Moldmaster, Hasco, DME and YUDO (or Customer’s preferred system). 

>>Delivery Support & Maintenance. 
Sampling, inspection and approval 
1. All tools are trialled and approved to customer requirements before shipment. 
2. Samples produced in customer specified material. 
3. If the customer is not present at the T1 trial, samples are sent via Air Courier to the customers site (3-5days). 
4. The following documentation is supplied with all mold tools: 
1) Pre-delivery Inspection Check List. 
2) Tool Trial Check List. 
3) Tool Drawings. 
4) Steel Certificate of Conformity. 
5) Hardness Certificates. 
6) Hot Runner Schematics. 

We hope establish a long term relationship with your company. Be strict with your requirements, assure quality, delivery on time with reasonable price.

Plastic Molding

PMTOOLING has a full range of capabilities-from custom filter design to prototyping, validation, testing production volumes to fit your needs. PMT will help you bring your idea from concept to reality.

Partner with us early in the development cycle, and take advantage of our ability to optimize your screen filter design to maximize filtration and product performance. We even offer value-added services that can shorten your supply chain, like technical molding for plastic components, plastic welding, product assembly and thermoform packaging.

Through it all, a dedicated project management team will ensure you receive the efficiency and service you need to reduce your product development costs and accelerate your time-to-market.

Our advanced manufacturing processes allow us to create products in any shape or configuration from simple traditional components like mesh screens to highly complex devices like custom filters. We have the experience to take on whatever you bring to us – whether it’s building upon an existing design concept or providing a unique solution based upon specific performance requirements. We provide a comprehensive range of services including design, plastic mold making, prototyping, building, testing and plastic molding manufacturing to the market

With our experience in product development and design, we can help you establish your application requirements and translate your design ideas into a cost-effective component for your specific application.

It’s this proactive, solution-driven custom filter development that helps you achieve optimal results. From concept to finished product, you’ll receive a host of value-added plastic injection services that transl

ate into a superior product, a competitive price, and a low-variability product that meets spec in every respect.

We can use plastic or stainless screens in the plastic molding process. Depending on the size of the part a multi-cavity mold can be manufactured to increase production. Secondary post molding operations are sometimes required to complete the assembly. Don’t worry about finding the right screen filter for your part, our Sales Department will help find what you need.

Custom Plastic Molding

Custom plastic molding and Plastic Mold

Custom plastic molding is widely used for manufacturing a variety of parts, from the smallest component to packaging. It is used in a wide variety of applications such as filtration, industrial parts and appliances. Plastic Molded Concepts develops and produces a wide variety of products for low and medium to high volume quantities and we offer a wide variety of engineering grade resins.

We have had many experiences with customers that have brought their molds to us because they cannot get a product to reach the in-use durability the resin manufacturer promised. The previous molder was not aware of all the processing precautions and procedures that were required to make the resin perform to the manufacturers’ expectations. Our engineering group is very careful to study the resin processing requirements and to establish processing procedures to guaranty the proper resin and finished properties of the injection molded part.

Complicated part geometry, exotic engineered resins, and tight dimensional tolerances are areas that most injection molding companies would avoid. Cavity pressure monitoring and closed loop injection control are a must.

Whatever your custom injection molded parts needs, Plastic Molded Concepts will find your solution. We are experts in custom plastic injection molding. You can be confident that our processes will create precise plastic parts. For challenging injection molding processes, we will use our experience and skill to handle any challenge. Contact us for a quote today!


If you’ve ever experienced a catastrophic product failure caused by contamination, you’re intimately aware that there’s more to designing custom filters than simply fitting filtration within an allotted space.

PMTOOLING engineers are trained and experienced in the plastic molding development of innovative filtration and contamination control solutions for a broad range of commercial applications, including custom filters for drinking water and paint, small and large appliances, heavy equipment and recreational vehicles.

Our engineers think outside the box when it comes to filter and screen design, generating ideas that are both effective in controlling contaminants and cost-effective to produce. Our present customer list is but a few of the Fortune 500 companies.