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Plastic Mold China and Chinese Mold companies

Many Chinese Mold companies are executing the molding business successfully. They are carrying out various molding process to produce the products in different color, shape and size. Plastic materials will be less in weight and they will be more flexible than other products. Thus, various materials are produced using the plastic. Plastic materials can be purchased at the cheap cost and thus many people target on the plastic products.
To create the automobiles, plastic mold materials are utilized because of their light weight nature. The interior parts of the car, van, jeep and so on will be almost made up of plastics. Chinese Mold companies are experts in producing the Auto Moldings. Because of their wonderful work, many automobiles companies are depending on them to produce the automobile parts in perfect shape and size.Chinese mold

Generally, in order to create the thermoplastic plastic pieces, Plastic injection molding process is exploited. Plastic mold china companies will keep dealings only with reliable plastic components molding dealers, as they will provide the plastic components at the correct time and at the same time they will provide the quality rich components. Chinese companies will employ only the experts to carry out the molding process as it is very essential to mix the components perfectly. The small change in the ratio of components will affect the quality and function of the products. The experts will perform two works such that he will mix the plastic components and fix the range of temperature. Other works will be completely carried out by the machines, without the help of human.

Automotive Parts Molding process will be carried out under the high supervision. The reason is automotive parts are costly and the clients will purchase the checking its functionality, temperature resistance, durability, rigidity and so on. If any part does not meet the demands of client, then for certain product money will not be paid by the client. Automobile parts are ensured for its quality as it deals with the life of the people. While driving the automobiles, if it not supports well, then the vehicle will be of no use and certain automobile company can’t able to earn good fame among the public.

Based on the client’s requirements certain color will be added during the Plastic molding process. To prepare the Auto Moldings, mostly single color only will be used. But to prepare the toys, plates and other plastic accessories mostly two color or three color molding process will be preferred. Plastic components molding technique is very respectable and needy technique for this world. This process is helping the people to obtain the products in different shapes and sizes and at the same time with the equal spread of colors on the materials. Nowadays, people are focusing more on the decorative works done on the products. Chinese companies captured this secret idea and concentrating more, to make available the products with more decorations works, using the molding process. In order to decorate the materials instantly and perfectly, the mold shape is very essential. Thus, Chinese molding companies are paying more attention to it largely.

Plastic Molding

PMTOOLING has a full range of capabilities-from custom filter design to prototyping, validation, testing production volumes to fit your needs. PMT will help you bring your idea from concept to reality.

Partner with us early in the development cycle, and take advantage of our ability to optimize your screen filter design to maximize filtration and product performance. We even offer value-added services that can shorten your supply chain, like technical molding for plastic components, plastic welding, product assembly and thermoform packaging.

Through it all, a dedicated project management team will ensure you receive the efficiency and service you need to reduce your product development costs and accelerate your time-to-market.

Our advanced manufacturing processes allow us to create products in any shape or configuration from simple traditional components like mesh screens to highly complex devices like custom filters. We have the experience to take on whatever you bring to us – whether it’s building upon an existing design concept or providing a unique solution based upon specific performance requirements. We provide a comprehensive range of services including design, plastic mold making, prototyping, building, testing and plastic molding manufacturing to the market

With our experience in product development and design, we can help you establish your application requirements and translate your design ideas into a cost-effective component for your specific application.

It’s this proactive, solution-driven custom filter development that helps you achieve optimal results. From concept to finished product, you’ll receive a host of value-added plastic injection services that transl

ate into a superior product, a competitive price, and a low-variability product that meets spec in every respect.

We can use plastic or stainless screens in the plastic molding process. Depending on the size of the part a multi-cavity mold can be manufactured to increase production. Secondary post molding operations are sometimes required to complete the assembly. Don’t worry about finding the right screen filter for your part, our Sales Department will help find what you need.

Custom Plastic Molding

Custom plastic molding and Plastic Mold

Custom plastic molding is widely used for manufacturing a variety of parts, from the smallest component to packaging. It is used in a wide variety of applications such as filtration, industrial parts and appliances. Plastic Molded Concepts develops and produces a wide variety of products for low and medium to high volume quantities and we offer a wide variety of engineering grade resins.

We have had many experiences with customers that have brought their molds to us because they cannot get a product to reach the in-use durability the resin manufacturer promised. The previous molder was not aware of all the processing precautions and procedures that were required to make the resin perform to the manufacturers’ expectations. Our engineering group is very careful to study the resin processing requirements and to establish processing procedures to guaranty the proper resin and finished properties of the injection molded part.

Complicated part geometry, exotic engineered resins, and tight dimensional tolerances are areas that most injection molding companies would avoid. Cavity pressure monitoring and closed loop injection control are a must.

Whatever your custom injection molded parts needs, Plastic Molded Concepts will find your solution. We are experts in custom plastic injection molding. You can be confident that our processes will create precise plastic parts. For challenging injection molding processes, we will use our experience and skill to handle any challenge. Contact us for a quote today!


If you’ve ever experienced a catastrophic product failure caused by contamination, you’re intimately aware that there’s more to designing custom filters than simply fitting filtration within an allotted space.

PMTOOLING engineers are trained and experienced in the plastic molding development of innovative filtration and contamination control solutions for a broad range of commercial applications, including custom filters for drinking water and paint, small and large appliances, heavy equipment and recreational vehicles.

Our engineers think outside the box when it comes to filter and screen design, generating ideas that are both effective in controlling contaminants and cost-effective to produce. Our present customer list is but a few of the Fortune 500 companies.