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Five Things You Did Not Know about Blow Drying

Whether you are looking for a way to maintain gorgeous long locks, or you are simply not sure how to get the same effects with a blow dryer that your hair dresser does, there are a few facts about the process that you need to understand.  Most of us don’t go beyond using the blow dryer to get our hair dry, if that, and the truth is that there really is a science to it!  The way that you use your blow dryer seriously affect the results that you get, and when you are considering what you need to do to get stunning results every time, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1.You should blow from the top down.

When you look at your hair underneath a microscope, you’ll find that it is actually made up of rough cuticles that all lie down a certain way.  Because of this, you’ll find that ruffling the cuticles will cause your hair to be frizzy and unmanageable at best, and will promote split ends at worst!  Simply by elevating the nozzle so that it is above your head pointing down is something that can greatly improve the quality of your hair, though it can really take some practice to get the angle right.

2.You don’t need a professional blow dryer.

It can be tempting to get the models that professional hairstylists use, but remember that those are intended to stand up to constant use. Unless you can make sure that you can dry your hair the way that a professional does, it will be very easy to go overboard and really roast your hair to a crisp! of course if you use lightweight powerful hair dryer, that will dry your hair fast and hair care.

3.Don’t do it every day

When you talk to the experts, you’ll find that they all recommend against making blow drying part of your daily beauty regimen.  The problem is that blow drying tends to be something that really does damage your hair over time.  Applying heat to your hair when it is wet and at its most fragile can be very problematic and when it is done too often it can give you some serious damage, particularly if you have long hair.

4.Don’t use a hair dryer that is too powerful

When you look carefully, you’ll discover that different hair dryers are set to different wattages.  The key is to use a wattage that is powerful enough to dry your hair, but low enough that you don’t take too much damage from it.  If you have light hair, you’ll find that about 1,200 watts of speed is ideal, while thick hair needs closer to 1,800 watts.  If your hair is very fragile or has damage that you are trying to repair, make sure that you keep the heat low and  that you dry slowly.

5.Do a quick blast of cold air at the end.

When you quickly hit your hair with some cold, fast moving air at the end of a blow drying session, you’ll find that it sets your hair lets you keep the styling for a longer period.

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