die casting parts

By the cooperation of the national emphases laboratory of North West Industrial University, we jointly formed Weinan Precision die casting technology. Having economic strength, making use of the technological advantage of North West Industrial University, our products have been superior in the same kinds. Within the field of our product service, we can provide casts for all the countries around the world as they require.


  Our company manufactures all kinds of die casting parts, we have architectural special mechanical equipment assembly lines.

  1. Foundry materials: all kinds of standard high, medium, low alloy cast steel, cast iron; stainless steel; ductile iron casting, malleable iron casting, high strength gestate casting; alloy casts of colorful metals such as copper, aluminum, nickel.

2. Foundry method: ordinary sand mold casting, soluble glass CO2 sand molding casting, investment casting; die-casting, acentric casting.

3. Weight of unit product: die casting from several grams to less than 100 kilograms; sand mold cast steel within 5 tons and cast iron within 7 tons; acentric casting unit weight less than 1 ton; colorful metal casting less than 1 ton.

4. Casting standard: National standard of China, International standard (ISO), or national standard or industry standard as the clients require.

5. Typical casting products:

a) The anti-abrasion parts of ball milling machines such as grinding balls, lining boards being used in mining, architectural materials, power plants, chemical industry, and metallurgy.

b) Molds and Aiguilles of punching, die-casting and traction.

c) Acentric casting rollers for high temperature and wear-resistant stainless steel revert pot of magnesium smelting; Special acentric casting can part; smelting crucible; big size acentric casting copper tiles, etc.

d) Die casting of electricity supply and railways.

e) All kinds of machining cast according to the requirement of domestic and overseas clients.

6. Fitting and components of the reinforcing steel bar cutting machine, winding machine and ramming machine within 60mm.


  Our company’s machining processes include pressing, lathe, milling, plane, whet, forge and drill.

  Our die casting manufacturer used to provide the machining of die casting parts, alloy casting steel and ductile casting according to the design of the United States, Canada, Germany, and England.

  We have an abundant technological basis and advanced apparatus and equipment. Under the instruction of foundry experts, our technicians check on the assembly lines to guarantee the quality of our products. We hope that we can cooperate with enterprises from all over the world and make progress together.