China Die Casting Company

China die Casting company

CNM. is A China die Casting company located in dongguan city, name synonymous with Aluminum Die Casting Components. Alucomps, established in 2001, founded by three partners, A professionally managed partnership firm, has been serving the Automobile Industries, Home Appliances Industries, Switch Gear Industries and General Engineering Industries. Alucomps has a wide experience in Aluminum and Zinc (Mazak), magnesium High Pressure Die Casting. Technology supplementing its own resources engaged only in the business of Aluminum and Zinc (Mazak) Die Casting.

Company has HMT Make cold chamber high pressure die casting machines. Manufacturing facility is at strategic location Vasai, to offer Die casting facility, Post machining facility, Vibro Finishing and drying facility all under one roof. Company is specializes in Manufacturing of die casting component, Design and Manufacturing of Die casting Molds, Product Design and Development job. A team of top notch Engineers experts in Die casting. Alucomps will provide a complete Die casting solutions combined with active technical support.

We are committed to meet die casting requirements of the industry ranging from large multinational to small scale manufacturers by offering innovative ideas, Zero defects quality, Timely deliveries, Competitive prices and technical support right from the shop floor level to its customer base.

What we can do for you

As a profession die casting china company, we are Helping customers remain competitive is Alucomp’s unique ability to take total responsibility for a product. Possessing the ability to design a product, create the die, manufacture the product and even value-addition in terms of design enhancement and cost-efficiency, Alucomp’s can manufacture a product right from its raw material to ready-to-assemble delivery.

This ability of product creation input and finished product output enables Alucomp’s client to save on manufacturing and processing time. The Company manufactures a wide range of Aluminium & Zinc pressure die cast components for Automobiles, Switch Gear Industries, Appliances, Engineering Industries.

Maintaining quality standards is the responsibility of the Company’s in-house Quality Control Department. Based on the belief that “Quality is what the customer says he needs and not what tests indicates as satisfactory” the Company has worked hard to ensure that all products leaving the factory floor with Quality certificates.

The quality process begins from the sourcing stage. All raw materials are checked for chemical composition and other physical properties. Quality checks are strictly enforced during the production stage. Finished products undergo rigorous testing before dispatch to customers.

The Company encourages employees to put forth their ideas and suggestions.who pool their resources and commitment to arrive at solutions that address dynamic technology levels and its impact on enhanced product quality.

The Company strongly believes in continuous quality improvements through employee involvement to achieve total customer satisfaction through competitive costs and timely delivery.

In a competitive world every seconds counts. This is especially true when assembly lines move continuously and products are sold across the world in markets that span continents. Ensuring that supply keeps up with demand is also the responsibility of the committed supplier who seeks to build a growing bond with the corporate customer.

Recognizing the importance of each passing second, Alucomps plans production schedules around timelines and deadlines. Quick turnaround is the norm and rapid responses the edge in a competitive market. This is the working environment of the company and Alucomps reaffirms its commitment to customer time & believes in.

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